Lab 1 – Website Ten


The final website in my <ul>top ten</ul> websites assignment and I found just the website to conclude with.

This site is amazing. A Japanese advanced drone company with a ‘future is here’ feel. I found this site looking through Awwwards again, and its very similar to website four–Vide Infra–which was also found on awwwards. this site has movement when the user scrolls, sections slide in parallax to give the illusion of depth, and the text effect on buttons and hyperlinks gives the site a futuristic feel.

I love the way the sections and graphics stack on top of each other like in the graphic below. The site is very minimal, as most are in modern web design, but this cascading stacking reducing the formality and adds life to this site of white, black, and blue.

I especially like the touches of seemingly unnecessary page information, like the index section before the heading in the above graphic. This section changes as the ‘Our Business’ section changes. This information doesn’t really add any functional benefit to the page, but makes it seem more intricate. Theres also the glitch effect on the text that translates from English to Japanese (if the language is set to Japanese) on the hyperlinks. The loading bar adds a nice touch to the page too.

The use of mostly transparent images in the background helps break the high amounts of white negative space on the site.

This site, combined with the previous nine I’ve looked at for this assignment has given be a lot of inspiration for the sites that I will create in the assignments to follow. Despite starting the course with lots of experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. this assignment has helped me see how to use these tools in different ways and inspired me to incorporate much more daring features of design and functionality to the sites I will create in the future. This site in particular has shown me how formality and creativity can coexist and complement each other excellently, I look forward to attempting similar design principles.

I started the course with knowledge, I’ve come out with understanding.

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