Lab 3 – 17/09/2020

So Long, Badger Website

Well, this exciting project has come to an end, the badger website is complete and ready to be handed in for marking. Today, I finished building the preview menu’s back-end. The images now display correctly with the right information when clicked on, and the information pane smoothly fades out when not hovered so the user can view the image. The link to the page to download the image also works.

I changed the layout of the information table, placing the titles vertically. This makes far better use of the information panes narrow space allowing the text to be much larger. If I had more time, I might add more information about the image to fit in the white space at the bottom.

I also completed the footer, adding in the references for all the images and research gathered for the badger website. I used–as recommended–a similar colour to the footer background for the references, this make them blend into the footer, rather than stand out as a feature.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed building the site–though, in truth, the design and fonts had begun to irritate me (naturally since I’d been staring at them for hours). Ive learned a few tricks and techniques on how to design the next sites better (and hopefully faster) and look forward to the next project.

Badgers are Cool!

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