Lab 3 – 10/09/2020

Badger Website

Today, I finished the majority of the website, adding in the information pages: Types, Diet, and Habitat. Theres still the dropdown links to connect to page ids, but that can be done on a later date. I followed my design plan mostly in creating these pages, dropping a few ideas I had.

I opted for simplify, having just a simple structure of paragraph and image blocks, that use flex-box and media-queries to make them work on narrower screen sizes. as shown below:

For next time, I plan to build the gallery page, adding all the images from the site. This will include a previewing and information pop-up pane. this means the user can click on an image, and see information such as who took the image, what camera and settings used, and where they can go to download the image if they chose.

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