Lab 3 – 03/09/2020

Badger Site

Today, I officially began the badger site, Putting together the navigation bar, some of the dropdown menu (unusable at this point, it remains hidden), and most of the main page.

The colours are not in concrete yet, as I’m not sure about the teal. The circle image doesnt seem to work–It looks to much like the larger image. There are some minor tweaks that I need to make to this page, plus I want to get the navigation bar complete and dropdown scripts built before working on the next sites. Since there is no PHP Prepossessing set up for this site I can’t include the navigation bar from a seperate html file in each page, so rather than make all the pages and then need to copy the headers html over for each change I make, I’ll finish it first, then duplicate the page and change only the main content. Same goes for the footer (this is not present on the homepage).

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