Lab 3 – 01/09/2020

Research and Design

Today, I worked on my design plan and reach for my Animal Website. Its going to be on the Badger. Since the requirements for the page states five pages minimum, I chose to research Habitat and countries found, Diet and threats, and types of badger, with the remaining page for a gallery. I desired to research all the content of the site first, so I could do all the design of the site with the text already written.

For Images, I sourced them from Unsplash and other free image websites (also some of my own images). This meant that I wouldn’t need to seek permission for the image, only an APA reference would be needed to use the image on the site.

I started designing the layout for each site after the reasurch, indicating headings, graphics, and other page elements. This is mainly a rough guide for how the page will be structured, and likely will vary slightly as I make design devotions on the spot.

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