Lab 1 – Website Seven

Oracle – Visit

Oracles site has a nice homepage highlighting some information about the company. The’ve used the rule of thirds to balance out the sections and used simple animations that play when you hover, revealing more content that can scroll. These sections uses minimal coloured patterns for backdrops that break the large about of black space.

The use of bold and regular typefaces helps create focal points on the page to draw your eye to the important details. When I look at this page, I see “Infrastructure”, “Applications”, and the “Register Now” button. These are likely the points Oracle intended the user to notice.

The dropdown menu uses a similar pattered backdrop, and a hierarchy of typeface sizes with icons allows the user to navigate to the page they want.

Looking though the pages on the site. The patterned backdrops are a consistent theme. Also, Oracle uses a wide variety of typefaces ranging for serif to sans-serif. This actually makes for a very enjoyable journey through the site. You’d think it would simply seem inconsistent and messy, but somehow it doesn’t, rather providing character instead.

The site uses a combination of full width and partial width sections, keeping each page interesting and unique. Throughout the page, the rule of thirds is often used–three headings, three sections per line, etc.

The page as shown above, uses interesting bubble like graphics beside each paragraph. These overflow the margin of the section beneath producing the illusion that the content is not part of the page and rather floats. It gives the site a loose and free feel–likely attempting to strengthen the users interest in the Java platform and language.

Although inconsistent, with many design styles and typefaces, Oracle’s site is defiantly one of my favourites–through I can’t put my finger on why.

(Ironically I dislike Java)

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